Hogs: Life On The Farm

Locations: The vast majority of the hogs we use are raised in the Midwest by a cooperative of independent family farmers who joined forces years ago to overcome some of the systemic challenges facing the hog market. They work as a group to ensure fair prices for all farmers involved.

Breeds: All of our pork comes from Heirloom breeds, such as Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc and Yorkshire, also known as Heritage breeds.

Quality of Life: Housing for hogs is designed to protect them from physical and thermal discomfort, as well as from fear and distress. It also encourages the hogs’ natural behaviors. They’re kept in stable groups to promote community and are provided with deep straw bedding that allows them to root, rummage and chew. The sows raise their own piglets in comfortable straw bedding in barns — farrowing crates are never used.

Feed: All hogs receive a constant supply of fresh drinking water and all-vegetarian feed, including corn, soy and vitamins. They are never given routine antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids.

Environmental Practices on the Farm: Our farmers practice integrated, holistic farming, which utilizes crop rotations; apply green and animal manure; use heirloom livestock and seeds.

We use only humanely and compassionately raised hogs, cattle, turkeys and chickens.